Limited switchs and position detectors

Finecorsa e rilevatori di posizione

Trova il finecorsa e il rilevatore di posizione di cui hai bisogno

In questa sezione troverai un'ampia gamma di interruttori di finecorsa e rilevatori di posizione elettrici per tutti i tipi di applicazioni generali, adatti per l'uso in vari settori e applicazioni. Qui troverete finecorsa elettrici comuni e rilevatori di posizione meccanici, interruttori di finecorsa a leva corta, pedali elettrici con coperchio di protezione per uso industriale e generale, interruttori di fine corsa con cavo, sensori di rilevatori magnetici con cavi ... tra molte altre varietà di materiali elettrici, che ti permetteranno di acquistare quello che ti serve.

Tutti i materiali elettrici che mettiamo a disposizione rispettano rigorosamente gli standard di qualità e sicurezza, che garantiscono un'installazione sicura ed efficiente.


  • Electric limited switch

    High quality metal or plastic electric limit switch
    The electric end-of-stroke you need to complete your installation will find it in this section and at a surprising price. In we offer you a wide variety of electric limit switches made of high quality plastic or metal materials that will allow you to integrate your end of career in a safe and effective way.

    Here you can find from the end of the stroke with push-button operation, as well as end-of-stroke vertical lever, with pulley, with metal rod ... so that you can acquire just the one that best suits the electrical needs of your application. Do not hesitate and enjoy with just one click of the end of career of ideal quality to your electrical requirements.

  • Electric limit switch (microswitches)

    High quality microswitch, microswitch or limit switch at amazing prices
    If you are looking for a microswitch or a high quality electric limit switch, this is undoubtedly your section. Here you will find a wide selection of limit switches with normal levers or rollers, long or short, with piston, with push button ... and many other models that will adapt completely to your electrical needs.

    In addition here you can also purchase protective covers for the end of career thus providing an extra security to the general or industrial application that will give this material. Do not think twice and always bet on the quality offered by products, items subject to strict quality controls.

  • Safety limit switches

    Safety limit switches for security applications in machines and fixed installations.

  • Electric switch foot

    Electric switches with foot switch
    In we offer you a select variety of high quality switches, suitable for all types of applications, both general and industrial, with which you can complete your installation in an efficient and safe way.

    The electric pedals available in this section include a protective cover that ensures greater control and safety in the assembly and use of the corresponding electrical installation. In addition, here you can find electrical mechanisms with high IP53 protection degrees and various electrical characteristics so that you can choose the mechanism that best suits your needs.

    Find here the electric pedal, operated by the foot, with 2 electrical contacts (open and / or closed) that completely satisfy the technical requirements of your installation.

  • Detectores de proximidad magnéticos
  • Cables de conexión con conector
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Showing 1 - 15 of 57 items