Electric motors

Need a single-phase or three-phase electric motor?

In ADAJUSA we offer a wide selection of three-phase and single-phase motors and high quality standardized sherds for electric motors. In addition, in this section we also put at your disposal a very interesting resource by means of which you can know what type of flange your electric motor has mounted, so that in this way you can order the right spare parts, thus avoiding any possible mistakes.

Our wide variety of electric motors and starters will allow you to find just the one that needs your installation or electrical equipment. With an IP 55 degree of protection and quality materials these three-phase and single-phase motors in this section offer you exceptional quality and safety.

Do not hesitate and decide to buy electric motors in our trusted online store. Always bet on the sale of quality electric motors and electrical equipment, safe and effective and enjoy maximum performance in your installation or electrical equipment.

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