Contactors and mini-contactors

The three-phase electric contactor you're looking for, at the best price

In this section we offer you a complete series of electrical contactors and mini-connectors,of different amperage for use in circuits, for the control of electrical elements or for the start of motors and simple automations.

The range of contactors up to 32A integrates an open (NA) or closed (NC) auxiliary contact, while contactors from 40a integrate 2 auxiliary contacts, one open (NA) and one closed (NC).

Auxiliary contact blocks of two types can be installed on each three-phase contactor or any other type: Side (2 independent) and Front (2 or 4 independent contacts). Front timed blocks of on/off delay can also be arranged. The entire range of electric contactors can be mounted din-rail or screwed directly on the bottom. In addition, they are fully compatible with the LC1-D series.

It is important to note that this entire series of contactors are manufactured under the standards: CE, IEC 947-2, VDE 0660, BS 5452.

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