In adajusa you have the following payment methods available:

1 - Credit or debit card

Payment by card is made through the secure payment gateway offered by the RedSys POS. Accepted cards are Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and MasterCard. All transactions made are secure, your data will not be recorded in any database but travel encrypted directly to the virtual POS of the bank, where your data will be validated. The bank will indicate whether the transaction is successful and your order will be processed automatically.

It will ask you for the card number, expiration and security numbers (if you turn your card around, in the space where you sign, you have a number of numbers. The last three).

adajusa will not log information to your database, you do not have access to it. We recommend this form of payment for your safety and comfort.

2. Bank transfer or income

To pay for your order you must make a bank transfer to the current account IBAN ES33 0030 1529 20 0000 310271 of Banco Santander indicating the order number and the name of the person listed in the order.

Please note that transfers take a few days to receive, if you want to expedite the paperwork you can send us an email to with the name and surname of the person listed on the order, the order number and proof of bank transfer.

If after 4 days we have not received such transfer your order will be cancelled.

3. Using Pay Pal

PayPal allows you to send payments online instantly with a bank account, credit card or any other source. No more waiting for the mail to arrive or having to queue at the bank

Make payments securely at the touch of a button. With PayPal, you won't have to bother to provide credit card information again every time you make a purchase.

At no time do you share financial information, as sellers do not see your credit card or bank account numbers. In addition, a qualified fraud prevention team helps you fight crime before they occur.

PayPal is a trusted entity worldwide, thanks to its more than 100 million accounts and its constant growth. PayPal is accepted by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world.

4. Through Counter-Refund

With this form of payment you pay for your purchase once you receive the order at your home address.

Payment will be made in cash directly to the carrier. This method of payment carries an expense of 2% on the total value of the order, with a minimum of 2.42.-. This form of payment is reserved exclusively for products in physical store stock. It will not be accepted for "Items on Demand".

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