We have didactic kits composed of various measuring equipment specially designed for use in laboratories and teaching and training centers. High performance equipment ideal for students in learning stage, easy handling and high reliability of the same

30MHz digital oscilloscope with USB OD-603
3MHZ function generator GE-232B
Laboratory power supply 30V, 5A (auxiliary 15V, 5A) FA-350
TRMS Multimeter FP-2

100MHz digital oscilloscope with USB OD-610
5MHz, 125MS/s function generator GF-856
Programmable dual lab power supply 2x30V, 5A (auxiliary 5V, 3A) FA-853
TRMD Multimeter and Bluetooth via Android APP PD-352


Consult our section where you can also find a wide range of measurement and instrumentation equipment suitable for training and learning as well as for professional personnel in the sector https://adajusa.es/en/2252-laboratory-and-portable-instrumentation
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