MCB circuit breaker 2 poles 16A (2x16A) - Hyundai Electric

MCB circuit breaker 2 poles 16A (2x16A) - Hyundai Electric

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MCB circuit breaker 2 16a C-curve, for protection against short circuits and overloads in single-phase or biphasic installations. With an breaking capacity of 6000A. Active protection of both poles with individual status indication.

Protects both drivers. It can be used in installations and assemblies up to 500V AC.

Reference: HGD63-M2P016C

Esquema eléctrico margnetotérmico 2 polos

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MCB circuit breaker 2 poles 16A 6kA curve "C", for protection against short circuits and overloads in single-phase or biphasic installations. With an assigned cutting power of 6kA, active protection of the poles with status indication. Made of fireproof thermoplastic material. Manufactured according to reference regulations IEC/EN60898-1.

Ideal for use in both domestic or industrial installations as well as in machine automation cabinets. High reliability and performance allowing a high number of duty cycles. Protects both drivers.

As main features of this product range we can review:

  • Compact design and structure.
  • 13 plates in the extinguishing chamber for effective arc cooling.
  • Free firing mechanism. The switch fires even if maintenance is forced in the on position (ON).
  • Visual status indication.
  • Supports mounting a large number of accessories.

Technical details:

  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Hyundai Electric.
  • Manufacturer's Reference: HGD63-M2P016C.
  • Nominal MCB circuit breaker intensity (In): 16A.
  • Number of poles: 2 (2x16A).
  • Step: 2 modules.
  • Cutting power (Icn): 6000A (6kA) (Ics-100% icn).
  • Maximum operating voltage (Eu): 240/415Vac, 50/60Hz.
  • Characteristic curve: C.
  • Assigned insulation voltage (Ui): 500Vac.
  • Rated pulse resistance voltage (Uimp): 4 KV.
  • Dielectric resistance: 2.5kV.
  • Protection: IP20.
  • Enduring: ≥10000/20000.
  • Operating temperature: -5oC... +55oC.
  • Humidity: 95% RH.
  • Energy limitation class: Class 3.
  • Terminal type: Screw tightening jaw.
  • Maximum terminal capacity: 25mm2.
  • Maximum tightening torque: 2 Nm.
  • Weight: 0.100 Kg.
  • Dimensions (mm): 80.5x71x35.4 mm
  • Mounting position: Vertical/Horizontal.
  • Housing and cover material: Ignifugo molded thermoplastic.
  • Supports mounting of auxiliary elements: SI.
  • Regulations: EC; IEC/EN 60898-1.

Dimensiones magnetotermicos HCG63N

Product type
Circuit breaker
Number of poles
2 Poles
Cutting power
Shooting curve
Curve C (standard)


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